GNP's Garage Sale

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Everything that is for sale on this page is been discounted because of visual appearance or slight scratching.


Everything is new and comes with new hardware and free shipping over $50.00 as it would originally.

Pictures are of the actual products and flaws. 

All sales are final.



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Great North Performance © 2019

Great North Performance parts will change the performance and handling of your car.

Please drive accordingly, to addjust to the new driving dynamics.

GNP's performance parts may not be road leagal in all provinces and states, please check with your local laws prior to installation.

Installation of performance products may void vehicle warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle.

GNP is not responsible for any losses incurred from the use of any and all products sold.

The owner of the car and user of the products are solely responsible for the legality and safety

of their own vehicle when you modify using aftermarket components.