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Covid -19 Protocol

At GNP we are concerned about you and your family's safety, we are doing everything in our power to assure this. We will be continuing to supply to our vendors and sell to the public as long as it's lawful and safe to do so.

We are:

-wearing gloves and a mask while dealing with any GNP products.

-sanitizing our products before they get placed in their packaging.

-sanitizing the outer packaging before it gets boxed.

-sending it to you via Canada Post.

Upon the arrival of your GNP package (or any package) you should:

-sanitize the box before you bring it into your house and open it.

-sanitize the outside of the package before you open it.

-sanitize the product.

-wash your hands

-admire the quality of our products

-install our products on your car

-wash your hands




We realize these are very difficult times, we are all trying to do our best.

Please be safe.


Mike Sullivan



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