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Partial Sponsorship Program

It's no secret we love all forms of racing at GNP,
because of this, we are now offering partial sponsorships for drivers and race teams.

This is available to all race teams and drivers that qualify.


There is nothing more frustrating than driving your perfect race, nailing the apex all day long,

being smooth with the steering and throttle input and at the end of the day not gaining any ground on your competition. GNP may be able to help. 

This partial sponsorship program is aimed at the race team or driver who is committed to 

achieving their best and would like an opportunity to take themselves, team and car to the next level. 


What the program is:


-Discounted price on all GNP parts 

(The more parts that are purchased at once the greater the discount.)

-Receive our full warranty and customer service that all of our customers enjoy.

-Be promoted on our social media and GNP's website.

-Grow your race team and attract other sponsors for yourself and or race team,

success breeds success.

-Full GNP sponsorships may become available from this program.



How to qualify:

1. The team or driver has to have been entered and/or started in sanctioned races or series.

2. Or are currently entered or planning to enter a sanctioned race or series.

3. Are willing to run small GNP cut vinyl stickers (I will supply) during your events.

4. Are willing to share images and video for our social pages and website.

5. Are willing to tag #GNP on all social imagery and video of the driver, car, team.


If you can agree to the terms and conditions, then please contact us and tell us

about your racing dreams and goals.

GNP would like to be a part of it.  

Email *

Name *

Year/Make/Model of car

Tell us about your racing

Thanks! Message sent.

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