Attention Rally fans!
One of GNP's sponsored cars is coming from Alberta to Ontario to compete 
in this years rally of the tall pines, 
it's Hashtag rallycar.

Joel and his team have been running the majority of races in the western 
crc loop and I'm very excited the team has decided to come to Ontario 
to further their quest for the crc production class championship.

Being a huge fan of rallying and all types motorsports, 
I would like to show my support for Joel, Tiffany and the team as
well as all the other non GNP teams on the stages with 
the VERY limited edition 
Hashtag rallycar cowbell!

That right cowbell! 

When used correctly by the rally fan this cowbell is 
guaranteed to add to Joel's car (or your favourite teams car):

-tonnes of grip 
-better brakes
-brighter lights 

Some of the cowbells features:
-It's blue, like Joel's car
-It has his teams logo on it, like Joel's car
-It will help the cold rally fan stay warm when used vigorously
-It's 4 inches tall
-It has a handle
-It's portable
-It works in all kinds of weather
-It sounds like a cowbell
-It's can be used at many other places as well like in business meetings and restaurants.
-It's on sale now at

Help us show support for Joel and all the other teams by letting them
know you are out there by making some noise!

-GNP will not be benefiting financially on the sale of these, I am
selling these at our cost.

*If you are going to the rally of the tall pines, and would like a cowbell
and don't want to pay shipping, I'll be in the pit area before the rally
and park expose so you can pick them up there. I'll be the one in the GNP touque sounding like
a herd of cattle.


use coupon code: pickup and I will meet you at the rally of the tall pines with your cowbell otherwise I will ship it to you.






Hashtag Rallycar cowbell


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