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One of the issues with older Subarus is when the little bushings in the original shift knuckle start wearing out, this causes a loose, sloppy shifter, even when it's in gear. 


Replacing this OEM shift knuckle on its own will fix the looseness in your Subaru shifter, while it's in gear. 


Now, combine this OEM shift knuckle with GNP's shifter bushing, shift stay, and transmission mount bushing, you will have your Subaru shifting so smoothly you won't recognize your own car.

GNP is offering 2 different OEM Subaru shift knuckles:

1. Subaru part 35047AC030 $82.00

2. Subaru part 35046AG000 $72.00




OEM Subaru Shift Knuckle

PriceFrom C$100.00
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