Whether you are looking for a good stock replacement endlink or If you woud like to experience a mild awakening of your car 
then install a set of Great North Performance endlinks. The stock Subaru endlinks are a little flimsy, allowing too much flex in their design.
What this means for you the driver, is a slower reacting suspension system.

The GNP endlinks are much stiffer than the stock units and will provide a much more active response from your suspension system.
They won’t stiffen up your sway bar, but you will feel the suspension action quicker.

The body of the endlinks are CAD designed, CNC machined T6061 aluminium that gets hard anodized to protect it from the elements.
Along with the bushings, which are moulded using urethane that has a shore hardness of 90A to ensure a proper stiffness and help reduce
Motor Vehicle Noise (MVN) that other bushings may produce.
The spacers and sleeves are machined from stainless steel.

All of the bolts, nuts and washers are gold zink coated and are of grade 10.

The endlinks have been used with stock parts, a mix of stock parts with after-market ones, and purely after-market parts, without fitment issues.
They have been designed to withstand the harsh Canadian road environment and should give you years of trouble free service with
minimal service.

Short I and C's combo

C$275.00 Regular Price
C$272.00Sale Price
  • These end links will fit the front and rear of you 1993 - 2001
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Great North Performance parts will change the performance and handling of your car.

Please drive accordingly, to addjust to the new driving dynamics.

GNP's performance parts may not be road leagal in all provinces and states, please check with your local laws prior to installation.

Installation of performance products may void vehicle warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle.

GNP is not responsible for any losses incurred from the use of any and all products sold.

The owner of the car and user of the products are solely responsible for the legality and safety

of their own vehicle when you modify using aftermarket components.