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If you have an older Subaru chances are that some of those soft rubber original bushings could use a little refreshing. GNP's 5 speed or 6-speed polly urethane shifter bushings, shifter stay and transmission mount bushings are a very affordable way of helping a sloppy manual shifter and smooth out the power delivery to the wheels. 

Because our bushings are stiffer than the stock ones, they will remove a lot of flex and hold the shifter assembly, and transmission a lot firmer.
Giving you a more accurate shift pattern, a crisper throttle response and a more connected feeling while carving those corners, or just getting the groceries.
This bushing combo set installs with simple hand tools in about 1 hour. 

You will be amazed at smooth your Subaru can shift.


This combo includes:

1 GNP 5sp Front Shifter Bushings

1 GNP Rear Shifter Stay (and mounting hardware)

1 GNP Set Transmission Mount Bushings

GNP's Stage 2 Smooth Shift Combo

PriceFrom C$125.50
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