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Are you unhappy with the length of throw that your Sti shifter has? How about how notchy each shift is when you are giving your car the beans?
GNP has the answer, the smooth, short shift combo.

What's included:

1 GNP transmission mount bushing

1 GNP 6sp front shifter bushing

1 GNP Rear Shifter Stay

1 GNP short shifter adaptor


The short throw shifter adaptor, that requires no cutting of your original 
shifter and installs in your driveway with simple hand tools as does everything else.
This shifter adaptor allows up to 50% reduction in shifter throw, making your shifts that much quicker. 
This shifter adaptor has been CAD designed and CNC milled for precise fitment

The bushings in this kit are made from a stiff polyurethane, designed to limit driveline movement, allowing for smoother more direct shifts.

and like all of GNP products, are Made in Canada

GNP's Stage 3 Smooth Short Shift Combo Sti

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